Regarding the 2019-2020 Ski Season

Updated: 02/09/2020 - 3.30pm

All of our UK customers from the winter season 2019-2020 whose holidays were affected by ski resort closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak have now received their refund or Refund Credit Note.

The end of the last ski season was like nothing we have ever seen before. So many people's holidays were unexpectedly cut short due to Coronavirus.

During this difficult time, we did our very best to accommodate customers and keep them informed every step of the way. Thankfully this period is over, and we are now preparing for the upcoming ski season.

The Latest Concerning COVID-19

Travelski are committed to simplifying your ski holidays. Our mission is to make sure that you have an unforgettable and positive experience in the mountains, whether you choose to experience the joys of skiing with your friends, family, or solo. That’s why we make our packages fully customisable, so that you can book a ski holiday to suit you and your party’s unique needs.

Our Mission, Now and Always

Whether you're a beginner on the slopes or an expert skier, at the end of the day we know that you are looking for a holiday break and have been looking forward to your ski trip all year. It is our mission to provide them at an affordable price.

Your safety and satisfaction are and always have been our top priorities.

What Will Ski Holidays in 2020-21 Look Like?

In these unprecedented times, we feel that it is essential that we empower our customers as much as possible with the latest travel information and our product offerings related to the global pandemic. We know that our customers want to know what to expect when they reach their chosen destination. Will it feel like a holiday? Will we have to wear masks at all times? What hygiene precautions have been taken by our partners in order to ensure that everything possible has been done to ensure our safety?

While we can’t of course be completely sure what a ski holiday will look like in 2020-21, there have been positive reports, and with many mountain resorts open over the summer, they have had the opportunity to fine-tune their operational and safety standards in the wake of COVID-19.

Solutions and Changes Include, but are Not Limited To:

          Current COVID-19 guidelines will be displayed throughout resorts
          Mandatory face masks in public/indicated places
          Hand washing and/or alcohol gel hygiene stations available at various locations
          Minimum distances between people (1-2 metres depending on the location). This is particularly pertinent when queuing for ski lifts, ski passes, etc.
          Reduced number of people allowed at a time on ski lifts and gondolas
          Encouraged use of open chair lifts
          Increased popularity in self-drive and self-catering options
          Increased popularity at smaller, more ‘underground’ resorts
          Heavily reduced après ski and restaurant capacities, minimum distances between tables
          Many restaurants, ski lessons and other similar activities will have a ‘reservation only’ policy

Some resorts have reported the use of gondola and public area disinfection 'several times a day by means of a misting device that kills 99.9% of the bacteria and/or viruses'. This will be done using a biological agent that leaves no traces and is skin and eye-safe. This includes facilities such as shuttle buses, sports shops and first aid facilities

So, the reality may be that you may need to take extra precautions and plan your meals and restaurant visits in advance to avoid any disruption or disappointment.

You may find that the pandemic and social distancing measures may well affect your choice of ski resort and/or accommodation. If you need any help in this regard, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email on 0800 260 5082 or

Travel Recommendations and Restrictions

We are following government advice, as well as following updates from the World Health Organisation and are working with our accommodation, ski hire, ski pass and other partners to ensure that all necessary hygiene and safety measures are being implemented. We feel that it is imperative that we do everything we can to keep you and your loved ones safe on your ski holiday this year. 

Social Distancing and Hygiene Measures

That said, it goes without saying that the global situation means that the ski season in 2020-21 is going to be like one we have never seen before. The infiltration of the 'new normal' should be expected, with obligatory mask wearing in public places, increased hygiene precautions around the ski resorts, hand washing and/or alcohol gel stations and social distancing measures. This is for the benefit and safety of all.

But that doesn't mean that you won't be able to have a fun and memorable ski holiday - for all the right reasons. Skiing itself is uniquely social distancing friendly. It's more the bits between hurtling down the slopes where you will see increased controls.

For Properties We Manage

We have a selection of ski accommodation properties that are run 100% by us, known as Skissim. Since they are run directly by Travelski, we have more control over the way that these properties implement COVID-19 precautionary measures and are able to share with you the direct and specific actions being taken at these locations. Skissim properties will all be run with increased hygiene measures and social distancing procedures in order to keep our guests as safe as possible.

Health & Safety Rules of Our Skissim Properties

 Hydroalcoholic gel and soap dispensers will be made available to customers in many different areas of our establishments.
❄ Social distancing and sanitary rules specific to each place will be displayed on signs around Skissim properties.
 All of our staff who work in our establishments have been trained in social distancing measures and cleaning and disinfection protocols. 
A COVID-19 health and safety representative has been appointed in each establishment.
 The entire accommodation will be cleaned with virucidal products.
 The accommodation will be ventilated for an extended period of time before each arrival.
 All shared objects will be systematically disinfected between rentals: for example, mattresses and pillows will have mattress/pillow protectors, all contact points (handles, switches, keys, etc.) will be cleaned with products which fight bacteria and viruses.

Common area sanitary facilities:

 All common sanitary facilities will be cleaned more often using virucidal products.

The fitness room / swimming pool / spa:

❄ All contact points (handles, bars, handlebars, switches, seats, etc.) will be disinfected daily. Paper towels and disinfectant will be available for your own use before and/or after using equipment in common areas.

On Arrival at one of our Skissim Properties:

❄ Only one person per family or group will be able to perform the check in.

 At the reception desk, protective measures have been put in place (social distancing barriers, masks, protective clear plastic barriers, etc.).

Social Distance-proof Your Booking

We know that you will be weighing up the pros, cons and risks regarding your holiday destination, method of transport, type of accommodation, etc., which is why we believe that our fully flexible packages will be particularly beneficial to customers during this time. As always, you will be able to craft a ski package that makes the most sense to you and your party’s needs.

Our Smile & Pass delivery system, whereby your ski passes can be collected along with your hotel/accommodation keys, can greatly reduce the amount of time spent queuing, and therefore reduce your exposure to other holidaymakers. You will find Smile & Pass on over 280 of our accommodation options.

Check Before You Travel

Should any resorts close or should there be any service cancellations, we will inform you as soon as we know and communicate the cancellation process ASAP.

As the situation is changing and evolving every day, we recommend that you monitor local advice and regulations to inform your decision of whether you choose to travel or not. 

Here are some useful resources that offer travel information, which we suggest you check before you depart:

          For the latest EU border information:
          From UK Government travel advice:
          The Foreign & Commonwealth Office:
          Department of Health TravelHealthPro website:

What Does This Mean for your Upcoming Ski Holiday and What do you Need to be Aware Of?

          Travelski are APST protected, which means that you can book in confidence knowing that your holiday will be covered
          Check government travel advice and local authorities’ websites before you depart on your holiday

Last year we offered a refund or Refund Credit Note to all customers whose holidays were affected by cancellations. These were given depending on whether the customer was currently on site or had upcoming travel. Either way, they were able to get their holidays rebooked or refunded pro rata. These have all now been processed and the outcome has been communicated to affected customers.

The Benefits of Booking with Travelski

You can currently benefit from our early booking offers, where you will be able to secure some of our most popular dates and accommodation options, before the booking rush. We have even introduced a 1% early deposit booking option, whereby you can secure the ski holiday of your dreams by paying just 1% now, and the rest 45 days before travelling.  

We also have some interesting insurance products, to ensure your holiday is what you dream it will be. Protect yourself from factors such as lack of snow from just £20 per reservation, Cancellation Insurance from just £20 per reservation, and Rescue & Repatriation insurance from just £15 per reservation. You can find out more about our insurance products here.

As mentioned, our Smile & Pass ski pass delivery scheme can greatly aid your social distancing efforts, not to mention save your time during your precious holiday.

Should you have any further questions at all regarding safety or the implications that may affect your holiday due to COVID-19, you can call or email us any time on 0800 260 5082 or, where our friendly team will be able to answer or investigate any questions you may have.