Information and cancellations

Updated: 08/07/2020 - 11am

Dear customers, 

If you are reading this it means that you too are affected by the closure of French ski resorts due to the COVID - 19 outbreak, which affected the ened of the 2019-2020 ski season. 

Many of you will be asking yourselves:

- What are the terms of repayment?
- Is it possible to postpone my stay? 
- Can I get a credit note? 

Our teams are focused and determined to deal with this unprecedented situation.

I want to know more about the situation. How do I contact Travelski?

📧 If you have already sent us an e-mail, it is currently being processed and we attach the greatest importance to answering you as quickly as possible. 

☎️ Our teams are currently contacting each of our customers by telephone in this order of priority :  
- Case #1: You were on your ski holiday when the ski resort has closed
- Case #2: You booked a holiday and had planned to go skiing after 16th March 2020

I have booked with Travelski: How do I get my money back? Is it possible to postpone my stay?

🔵 Case no. 1: My stay had already begun when the resort is closed.

For those travelling on the week of Monday 16th March: our teams have been contacting ALL OUR CUSTOMERS by telephone to define the treatment arrangements for shortened stays.   

- You haven't been contacted yet? 

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten you! At the moment, some of our accommodation providers have not yet given us any feedback on these arrangements. We are waiting, just like you. 

We may be unable to process your file at the moment. We will contact you as soon as possible.

- All right, then. But will I be compensated?

YES, of course! 
Here is what we know so far: 

- Ski pass: You will be compensated in proportion to the number of days used.
- Rental of ski equipment: You will be reimbursed in proportion to the number of days used. 
- Snow caterer: The meal baskets have been delivered to you, therefore we are unable to issue a refund. 
- Ski school: You will be reimbursed in proportion to the number of lessons taken. 

For your accommodation: Depending on your accommodation provider, you will receive a voucher for a future reservation, a refund or a refund in proportion to your consumption. 

We thank you for your patience. We are doing our very best to process your cancelled booking. Thank you for your understanding. 

🔵 Case no. 2: I have booked a stay and I am planning to leave after 16th March 2020.

👉 Don't worry, our teams will take care of everything! Without any action on your part, within 3 weeks you will automatically receive a voucher by email corresponding to the amount you have paid so far. 
This voucher is valid for 18 months to book your next skiing holiday. 

- How can I use my voucher for my future holiday? 

Once you have chosen your destination, your place of residence and your package, make a quote online and contact our customer service department on 0800 260 5082. Our advisors will then add your voucher to your booking. 

To make this process faster and more convenient for you, we recommend that you have your booking reference number on hand when you call us.
Your credit can be used immediately from when you receive the voucher from us. 

- COVID-19 voucher rules:

- Each credit note must be used by the original traveller, but the booking party does not need to consist of the original group of travellers
- Credits cannot be combined or transferred to another person
- Vouchers cannot be used alongside other coupon codes or discounts, not including bookings on promotion (with a percentage off)
- Voucher value must be used within 18 months of receiving your voucher by email
- You do not need to book the same products at the same travel time (unless you wish to of course)
- If your chosen booking has a higher cost than the value of your voucher, you must pay the difference in order to make the booking

- My stay has been cancelled, I received a voucher, but I would have preferred a refund.

As we informed you, on 17 March 2020, the Secretary of State to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs responsible for tourism, Mr Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, announced a comprehensive plan to support the tourism sector.  

This plan provides for the introduction of vouchers to be redeemed for a future stay for all holidaymakers whose stay had to be cancelled as part of the measures taken to contain the coronavirus epidemic.  

Following this announcement, Order No 2020-315 of 25 March 2020 allows cancelled benefits to be carried over to a later date by means of a voucher. On the contrary, it allows an exception to the right to reimbursement referred to in Articles II and III of the article. L211-14 of the Tourist Code and the right to reimbursement resulting from the combined provisions of Articles 1218 and 1229 of the French Civil Code. 

(*Travelski is a French organisation selling their skiing holidays in Europe. For this reason, French law is applicable).

For more information:

👉 To all our customers: Thank you for your understanding and sympathy in this difficult situation.
Please know that we are here for you!

The TRAVELSKI team ❄️⛷️