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Terms & Conditions

The Package travel, accommodation, rental of accommodation and other services (hereinafter the "Services") available on the website ("Website") are offered to non-professional customers ("Customer (s)") by:

Travelski Uk Limited, a company incorporated under English law with registered office at 71-79 Sheldon Street, London.

Contact tel. in the UK: 0800 260 5082; e-mail: Insurer Professional liability: Allianz IARD 1 cours Michelet CS 30051 92076 Paris La Défense Cedex for physical, material and immaterial damage resulting from the professional activity, for an amount of €20,000,000 per claim and per insurance year, policy no. 86 351 239 (geographical cover: world excluding USA).


Article 1: Precontractual Information / General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC)

1.1 Pre-contractual information

The Customer is informed that they can purchase the Services offered on the Website, as a separate travel service or as a tourist package tour, and enjoy the corresponding rights as listed in the form that is accessible before payment and that is also shown in Article 18 of this general terms and conditions (hereinafter the T&C's). It is emphasized that the information on the Website and the summary of the Order, supplemented with this GTC, together constitute the prior information. As a result, the Client acknowledges that the pre-contractual information from the Package Travel Directive, prior to placing their Order and concluding the agreement, are clearly and comprehensibly notified, and in particular the following information:

  • Destination, tourist category of accommodation,
  • Total price of the trip and payment methods,
  • Cancellation conditions,
  • Services and meals included with the trip,
  • The possibility to conclude an insurance contract that in certain cases covers cancellation costs.

1.2 Terms and conditions

Every Order of Services made at TRAVELSKI implies the acceptance of this GTC, which the Customer acknowledges and explicitly accepts. These GTC are effective from September 15, 2021 and apply for the entire period that they are online on the Website They can be changed and/or supplemented at any time by TRAVELSKI. It is emphasized that the applicable GTC are the GTC in force at the time of the Order. For these terms and conditions, 'package tour' within the meaning of the Package travel and Linked travel arrangements 2018 means the combination of at least two different types of travel services for the same trip or the same holiday stay, with a duration of more than 24 hours and in which an overnight stay if these services:

  • have been combined by TRAVELSKI before a unique agreement has been concluded for all these services;
  • are purchased at a single point of sale and selected before the traveler accepts to pay;
  • are proposed, sold or invoiced at an all-inclusive price or a total price;
  • are announced or sold under the name "package tour" or a similar name.

1.3 Terms and conditions: advice on staying safe and healthy abroad.

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and National Travel Health Network and Centre have up-to-date advice on staying safe and healthy abroad.

For the latest travel advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information check and follow @FCDOtravelGovUK and For the latest travel advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information check Foreign travel advice - GOV.UK (


Article 2: Price / Order

2.1 Quotation / Order

The Customer can make their reservation or have their quote made by TRAVELSKI:

  • on the Website
  • by telephone at the call centre on 0800 260 5082 from Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm, on Saturday from 9am to 6:30pm, and on Sundays from 9am to 5pm. All timings are GMT.

Only the reservations of Services whose availability has been confirmed by TRAVELSKI and the payment has been made by the Customer are final (hereinafter the "Order(s)"). Requests for quotations are not binding on TRAVELSKI and are not a guarantee of the availability of the Services for the Customer. A payment must follow the Order in accordance with Article 3. The sales agreement is then confirmed.

2.2 Placing the Order

The Client is requested to fill in their e-mail address for each reservation and, if necessary, identify themselves by means of a form with which they create a personal client account. The Client has the option to check the details of their reservation and the total price thereof, and where necessary to correct errors before confirming the reservation confirming their acceptance. To make the Order final, the Customer must take note of the mandatory pre-contractual information and the GTC, accept this by ticking the appropriate box and paying in accordance with the payment methods provided for in Article 3. TRAVELSKI is required to send a copy of the pre-contractual information to the Customer. Once the Customer has agreed to the Order in accordance with the provided conditions, the Customer pays remotely in accordance with the payment methods provided for in Article 3.

2.3 Availability

The Services offered on the Website are available and can be reserved. However, it is emphasized that some Services are available in small quantities and managed in real time. As a result, a Service indicated as 'available' may become 'unavailable' if multiple customers order it on the website at the same time, the first customer who places a reservation is given priority. If TRAVELSKI is unable to fulfill an Order because the Service is not available, the customer will be informed of this by e-mail or telephone within 48 hours of placing the Order. The follow-up is managed in accordance with Article 6.1.

2.4 Confirmation of the Order

Within two (2) hours after payment of the Order, the Client will receive confirmation of the Order by e-mail. All essential elements of the Order are repeated in the confirmation e-mail, such as the details of the supplier of the reserved Services, price, quantity, date, and duration of the stay. The confirmation of the Order is the electronic proof of the sales agreement agreed between TRAVELSKI and the Customer. The confirmation email includes:

  • the receipt,
  • the travel documents and voucher(s) that correspond to the purchased Services.

In the absence of a confirmation email sent by TRAVELSKI, the reservation has not been processed. In all cases, the Customer must ensure that they have received the confirmation e-mail. Otherwise, contact the call centre: 0800 260 5082. The Customer is obliged to print the travel documents, namely the voucher(s), to be able to show them in exchange for the various Services. The confirmation e-mail of the Order received by the Customer is proof of the complete transaction and is the only legal document in the event of a dispute.


Article 3: Price and Payment

3.1 Price

All prices are expressed in pounds and include taxes (VAT). The price only includes the Services that are explicitly stated in the Order. Local charges such as city/tourism tax are not included in the price shown and must be paid on arrival of the Customer at the accommodation. These costs must be paid upon arrival where appropriate and usually in local currency (EUR). The amount of the residence tax varies per municipality. The tourist tax is calculated per person and per night. In general, and unless otherwise specified, the price does not include: insurance, parking costs, accommodation tax, excess baggage, excursions, personal costs, and all services not mentioned in the travel description.

3.2 Booking fees

For each order, a booking fee of £19 is charged. These costs can vary depending on the advertising campaigns. The amount that is applicable is always stated on the quotation before the sales agreement is concluded and on the Order.

3.3 Review of prices

TRAVELSKI reserves the right to raise or lower prices after concluding the agreement due to significant variations of:

  • the levies and taxes relating to the services offered, such as landing rights, departure or arrival taxes in ports and at airports,
  • the costs for passenger transport resulting from fuel costs and other energy costs, the level of taxes or levies on the travel services included in the agreement,
  • the exchange rates applied to the trip or stay, if applicable.

Even then, TRAVELSKI will absorb an amount equal to 2% of your holiday price before passing on any surcharge to the Customer. Only amounts in excess of this 2% will be surcharged. A revision of the price upwards is sent to the Customer per printed copy, with the justification and the calculation thereof, no later than twenty (20) days before departure. In the event of a price increase of more than 8% of the total price, the Customer can cancel the Order free of charge, provided that this is done within 72 hours after the revised price has been communicated by TRAVELSKI. In the absence of this, the cancellation costs provided for in Article 5.1 may be applied.

3.4 Promotional codes

The Customer is informed that service providers/accommodation holders can have promotional codes for the Customer. Only promotional codes that were submitted when placing the Order are taken into account.

3.5 Payment methods

For Orders for travel with a departure date within 35 days, payment of the full Order is required. For Orders for travel with a departure date after more than 35 days, the Order only becomes definitive after a deposit of 10% of the total amount. The remainder must be paid no later than 35 days before departure. The collection of payment by TRAVELSKI is a condition for processing the Order. The payment is only considered to be settled after the receipt of the amounts due in the secure payment system of TRAVELSKI. The following applies: when paying by bank card or credit card - if the payment has been confirmed by the payment center; when paying by bank transfer - if the money is in the TRAVELSKI account. If bank details have been provided by the Customer as a guarantee for a payment method, the payment of the amount can be made with this if the said payment method cannot be used to collect the amount within the specified period.

3.6 Means of payment

A deposit for an Order of Services can only be paid with a bank card or credit card. The remainder of the Order is automatically paid by debit card or credit card. If a payment incident occurs with the bank card or credit card, the Customer can transfer the remainder according to the payment methods listed below.

3.6.1 Payment by bank card or credit card

Subject to statements to the contrary to the Order, only debit or credit cards from VISA and EUROCARD/MASTERCARD are accepted. To make the payment, the Customer must enter the 15 or 16 digits of the pass, the expiry date, as well as the 3 or 4 digits of the security code. For Remote Orders, the Customer receives the proof of payment by e-mail within two (2) hours after the transaction.

3.6.2 Payment by bank transfer

In the event that the automatic payment of the remainder of the Order by bank card is refused, the Customer will receive a reminder email stating that the payment must be made within 72 hours. If payment has not been made within the aforementioned period, TRAVELSKI reserves the right to cancel the Order without any other formality and holds the deposit already paid as cancellation costs that are calculated in accordance with Article 5.3. If the amount withheld is not sufficient, the remainder will be demanded by a suitable amicable or judicial procedure.

3.7 Security of payments / fraud prevention

The electronic payments made in the context of the Orders by telephone via the call center or online on the Website are secured (SYSTEMPAY by Banque Popular Rives de Paris) by using an encryption system that guarantees the confidentiality and security of the data. As part of the TRAVELSKI anti-fraud policy, the company reserves the right to ask Clients for each payment method: a copy of an identity card/passport, a copy of the bank card, the telephone number, and a time when the Customer can be reached, the details of the bank that manages the bank card or account, and all additional information with which the payment can be secured. If information like the above is refused, TRAVELSKI reserves the right to cancel the Order and to keep the amounts already paid as cancellation costs, calculated in accordance with Article 5.1.

3.8 Invoice

The Client receives their invoice by e-mail two (2) days after the end of the stay. For specific requests regarding the invoice (special mention or changes), £15 processing costs will be charged.


Article 4: No Right of Withdrawal

For avoidance of doubt, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for distance purchases of services such as 'accommodation, transport, restaurants, leisure activities' ordered as a package or separately for a fixed date or period. As a result, the Customer is not entitled to a withdrawal period for Orders for Services offered by TRAVELSKI.


Article 5: Change and Cancellation at Customer's Initiative

5.1 Change before departure

The Customer may modify his order before the start of the Services, subject to the following reservations. The Customer may not modify the order after the start of the Services, even if the Services have not been used or have only been partially used.

Up to 45 days before the start of the Services, the Customer may modify one or more of these Services, including transport and accommodation, adding or deleting them, subject to payment, where applicable, of a service charge, as well as the difference between the price of the initial order and the price of the modified order. As an exception, if the Customer wishes to add insurance, this must be requested within 72 hours of receipt of the order confirmation message.

During the period extending from 44 days to 24 hours before the start of the Services, the Customer may modify one or more of these Services, with the exception of transport and accommodation, adding or deleting them, subject to payment, where applicable, of a service charge, as well as the difference between the price of the initial order and the price of the modified order. As an exception, if the Customer wishes to add insurance, this must be requested within 72 hours of receipt of the order confirmation message.

In all cases, the modification may not consist of :

  • Cancellation of all Services except accommodation;
  • Changing the dates of the stay;
  • Changing the length of stay;
  • Cancellation of an insurance policy.

If the Customer wishes to cancel all Services with the exception of accommodation, change the dates or length of stay, or cancel insurance, the cancellation provisions set out in article 7 shall apply. 

From 24 hours before the start of the Services, the Customer may not modify, add or delete any Services.

The service charges mentioned in this article are only payable in the event of a reduction in the Total Price as a result of one or more modifications. They amount to :

  • £39 all taxes included for any order where the Total Price, before taking into account the modifications, is less than £600 all taxes included;
  • £59 all taxes included for any order whose Total Price, before taking into account the modifications, is equal to or greater than £600 and less than £1 000 all taxes included;
  • £89 inclusive of all taxes for any order where the Total Price, before taking into account the modifications, is equal to or greater than £1,000 inclusive of all taxes.

All modifications are subject to availability of the Services.

In the event of a reduction in the order price due to a modification, any overpayment will be reimbursed to the Customer by crediting the bank card used to pay the Deposit, or by bank transfer if the Customer provides a bank details statement.

To modify an order, the Customer must contact Travelfactory, indicating the order number:

  • Either via their personal account on the Website;
  • Or by e-mail at the following address:;
  • Or by telephone at the following number: +44 (0) 800 260 5082.

Specific modification rules may apply to certain Service offers ("non-flexible", "non-modifiable", "flexible", "non-cancellable and non-refundable (NANR)", "partially refundable", "partially modifiable" products, or any other mention accompanying the Service price indicating a difference from the Sales Conditions). These rules, which take precedence over the Conditions of Sale, appear in the presentation of the offer, during the booking stages and in the booking documents.

5.2 Change after departure

No refund will be made for a stay that is interrupted or shortened or for a Service that the Client does not use, for reasons for which TRAVELSKI is not liable. If a Customer does not show up at the holiday residence, they will be invoiced for 100% of the total amount of the Order, including options. If insurance is concluded which covers interruption or cancellation of the stay after departure, the Client must comply with the provisions of the applicable insurance policy.

5.3 Cancellation before departure

The Customer may cancel his order at any time before the start of the Services, subject to the following reservations. Cancellation necessarily entails the cancellation of all Services for all beneficiaries. The Customer may not cancel the order after the Services have begun, even if the Services have not been used or have only been partially used.

If the Customer requests cancellation up to 45 days before the start of the Services, the sums paid will be reimbursed, less service charges and, if insurance has been taken out, insurance costs.

If the Customer requests cancellation between 44 days and 31 days before the start of the Service, he/she will be refunded the sums paid, less the Deposit.

If the Customer requests cancellation between 30 days and 15 days before the start of the Services, the sums paid will be refunded, less a sum equal to 75% of the Total Price, the service charges and, if insurance has been taken out, the insurance costs.

If the Customer requests cancellation less than 15 days before the start of the Services, Travelfactory is entitled to a sum equal to 100% of the Total Price.

Any exchange fees or bank charges shall be borne by the Customer.

Notwithstanding the above, in the event of payment of all or part of the order by means of vacation or gift vouchers, the fraction of the price paid by these means will not be reimbursed, regardless of the date on which the Customer cancels his/her order.

To cancel an order, the Customer must contact Travelfactory, indicating the order number:

  • Either by e-mail to the following address: ;
  • Or by telephone at the following number: +44 (0) 800 260 5082.

The Customer may obtain information on compulsory or optional insurance covering the costs of resolving the Contract on the Website or by contacting Travelfactory at the address indicated in article 18.

Specific cancellation rules may apply to certain Service offers ("non-flexible", "non-cancellable", "flexible", "non-cancellable and non-refundable (NANR)", "partially refundable" products, or any other mention accompanying the Service price indicating a difference from the Sales Conditions). These rules, which take precedence over the Conditions of Sale, appear in the presentation of the offer, during the booking stages and in the booking documents.


Article 6: Change and Cancellation at Initiative of TRAVELSKI

6.1 Change before departure

We reserve the right to cancel your booking or change any of the facilities, services, or prices described in our brochures or website. We will endeavor to advise you of any changes known at the time of booking. TRAVELSKI informs the Client about minor changes. The Customer cannot claim compensation for minor changes made by TRAVELSKI. If TRAVELSKI is forced to change one of the essential elements of the Order or if it cannot meet previously accepted special requirements of the Customer, TRAVELFACTORY will provide the Customer with clear and comprehensible means messages:

  • about the changes made and, if applicable, their consequences for the price of the trip/stay,
  • about the period within which the Customer must answer TRAVELSKI about their choice,
  • about the conditions for free cancellation in the event of refusal of the changes made.

The Client has the right to refuse the proposed change and to receive the full price paid within a maximum of fourteen (14) days after the cancellation of the Order. If the Customer accepts the changes to the trip, a new order confirmation will be sent to them with all necessary information.

6.2 Cancellation

If TRAVELSKI is forced to cancel the trip/stay, they will inform the Client of this as soon as possible. The Client will then receive all amounts paid back within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days. The Client can claim compensation that is at least equal to the penalty that the Client would have to pay if they themselves had cancelled the trip on this date (according to Article 5.1 above).


Article 7: Exceptional and Inevitable Conditions

Exceptional and unavoidable circumstances are understood to mean a situation in which neither the Customer nor TRAVELSKI, the organizer or all service providers involved in the execution of the Order can influence, and whose consequences could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures have been taken, which make the fulfilment of the obligations laid down in the agreement wholly or partly impossible. This concerns in particular: force majeure, weather, geographical, health or political conditions in the immediate vicinity of the destination that can endanger the life of the Customer. If exceptional and unavoidable circumstances arise, both TRAVELSKI and the Client may terminate the agreement free of charge.


Article 8: Accommodation and Stay

8.1 Arrival / Departure

In an apartment hotel and winter sports resorts, the keys are usually handed over at the start of a stay on Saturday between 5 pm and 6 pm. They must be returned the following Saturday before 10 a.m. These times are confirmed on the accommodation travel documents, which you will receive by e-mail after confirmation of the Order and full payment of your stay. In hotels, rooms are generally available from 2 p.m. and must be vacated by 10 p.m. regardless of the Customer's arrival or departure time and the means of transport used. Permission of the service provider/accommodation holder is necessary in the event of a late arrival, i.e., if the arrival does not take place on the planned date and time. For this, the Customer must contact them directly. Their details, address, and telephone number are on the travel documents top left under the file number.

8.2 Deposit / Withdrawal statement

On arrival, a deposit (deposit) may be requested for the holiday residence, particularly for the rental of accommodation and ski equipment. The amount varies per service provider, apartment, or room. The deposit is a guarantee for the good condition of the accommodation or equipment. The Client must check the cleanliness of the apartment and make the inventory. Defects must be reported on the spot as quickly as possible to the service provider/accommodation holder or to the representative of the travel organizer. Failure to comply with these rules can influence the determination of any compensation. An admission statement must be completed together with the service provider upon arrival and before the planned or early departure. The deposit is returned by the service provider/accommodation holder at the end of the stay or at the latest one (1) month after departure, in accordance with the inspection statement and the inventory with deduction of any damage, as determined in the inspection statement of departure.

8.3 Rules and cleaning

The Client must take note of the rules of procedure posted in the holiday home and comply with them. During the stay, objects and personal property fall under the strict responsibility of the Customer. This also applies to their vehicle. TRAVELFACTORY can under no circumstances be held liable for theft at the holiday residence. The final cleaning is not included in the rent, and an amount can be deducted if the apartment is not cleaned properly.

8.4 Occupancy

The prices of accommodations are determined based on an occupancy that corresponds to the maximum capacity stated in the description. In a hotel, a single room generally has a single bed. There is a limited number of single rooms; often a supplement has to be paid for it. Double rooms have two beds or, less commonly, a double bed. Triple and quadruple rooms are often doubles with an extra bed. It is emphasized that a baby or child counts as a full person for the occupation. The upper bunk bed is not suitable for children under the age of six (French Decree No 95,949 of 25 August 1995). TRAVELSKI is not liable in case of non-compliance with the user instructions. In some accommodations, there is access to a mezzanine via a steep ladder; its use is not recommended for the elderly and young children. Some accommodations include a garden; this is often not closed. The Customer must in all cases take into account the maximum capacity of the type of accommodation they have reserved.

8.5 Descriptions and photos

The descriptions of the accommodations (area, location, types of beds, etc.) are given per type, which means that for two accommodations of the same type, there may be some non-material differences. It is emphasized that the photos in the descriptions represent the category and the degree of luxury of the relevant Services. TRAVELSKI guarantees in all cases the number of beds as well as the type (number of single and double beds, bunk beds, sofa bed). The descriptions specify the maximum number of beds for each type of accommodation. The use of an accommodation with the maximum number of people can lead to less comfort.

8.6 Classification of the accommodation

The number of stars assigned to the hotel or the accommodation rating specified in the description corresponds to the rating specified by the hotelier or established according to applicable French and European standards.

8.7 Local service

It is emphasized that special requests regarding the services available on-site (baby package, parking, special location, etc.) as well as requests for specific information regarding details of the equipment of the accommodation (e.g., size of the beds) should be addressed directly to the accommodation owner. Their telephone number is on the voucher that you received after confirmation and full payment of your stay. TRAVELSKI cannot be held liable for requests from the Customer to the accommodation holder/service provider on-site. The rates for the services that have to be paid on the spot (bed linen, baby kit, access to the swimming pool, internet, television, etc.) are given as an indication, and TRAVELSKI cannot be held liable for changes in the rates mentioned; only the prices of the Services that are paid for online are contractual. Special requests from the Customer concerning, in particular, the location of the accommodation (on one floor, next to another accommodation, etc.) will be passed on to the accommodation holder/service provider on-site, but TRAVELSKI cannot guarantee acceptance. TRAVELSKI can therefore not be held liable by the Customer if the request is not granted.

8.8 Construction work

It is emphasized that TRAVELSKI has no influence whatsoever on any construction work that may be carried out in the vicinity of the Customer's accommodation. TRAVELSKI consequently disclaims all liability for any inconvenience caused. TRAVELSKI will inform the Customer without undue delay of any construction work, within or near the accommodation, which may reasonably be considered to seriously impair the enjoyment of the trip/stay. Where required, the opportunity will be given to the Customer to transfer to alternative travel arrangements. Where this alternative changes one of the essential elements of the Order, the provision stated at Article 6.1 will apply. The Client may not obtain any compensation other than the refund of the ticket in the cases provided for in Article 6.1.

8.9 Animals

Animals are not accepted on board the Travelski Express. For the accommodations, the Customer must always inform the accommodation holder about the presence of an animal. Animals are not accepted everywhere. It is therefore advisable to check in the description of the accommodation or with our staff whether the presence of an animal is allowed before booking. If this is the case, a supplement must be paid to the accommodation holder on-site. In all cases, the number of animals per reservation is limited. Animals must be kept on a lead within the facilities. The size and weight of the animal must be passed on to the accommodation keeper. The pet passport must be taken to the holiday residence to be able to show it to the accommodation owner. TRAVELSKI cannot be held liable in the event of an animal refusing the accommodation owner. In all cases, animals weighing more than 15 kg/33 lb, fighting dogs (such as pit bulls), and guard or defense dogs in the French 1st and 2nd category (for more information: are prohibited in all accommodations offered by TRAVELSKI.

8.10 Ski lifts, ski equipment, ski school

Ski passes are strictly personal, inalienable, and non-transferable. The Customer must keep the pass with them during the entire route in each ski lift. Ski passes, ski equipment, and lessons are reserved by name. It is therefore necessary to state very precisely the names, first names, dates of birth, and the level of each Customer for the Services when booking. TRAVELSKI cannot be held liable for missing or incorrect information from the Customer. For a week-long stay with 7 nights, the ski pass includes 6 ski days. A ski pass always starts on Sunday morning and ends on Friday evening. A lost, stolen, or unused ski pass can under no circumstances be reimbursed by TRAVELSKI. This also applies to the rental of ski equipment. The rental of ski equipment starts on Sunday morning and ends on Friday evening; the Customer can collect the material on Saturday from 6 p.m. TRAVELSKI cannot be held liable in the event of theft or damage to the ski equipment. To prevent this kind of discontent, TRAVELSKI offers its clients suitable insurance policies (Article 10). On the ski slopes, the holder of the ski pass must comply with the municipal regulation on safety on ski slopes. He also becomes advised to take into account the "10 rules of conduct for users of the slopes," prepared by the International Ski Federation (FIS). The pass holder must observe the police regulations posted at the ski lift departure points, as well as the general conditions of use of a ski pass posted at the ski lift operator's sales points and which can be consulted on his website.

8.11 Catering at the ski resort (Meal Kits)

The 'Grocery Box Delivery Service' is delivered to the Customer on Saturday, the day of arrival, between 5.30 pm and 11 pm. The time, or even the day of delivery, may change depending on the weather and traffic conditions. A mobile phone number must be specified when booking. The Customer is called on their mobile phone by the delivery person who makes an appointment, usually at the entrance of the accommodation. In this respect, TRAVELSKI does not accept any liability if the mobile telephone number is not communicated by the Customer or if it is unreachable in the resort. If it is impossible to deliver the Grocery Box Delivery Service to the Customer because they are late or absent, TRAVELSKI disclaims any liability and informs the Customer that they will not receive compensation. If delivery does not take place due to TRAVELSKI, the 'Grocery Box Delivery Service' will be reimbursed to the Customer by transfer to their bank account after an investigation of the corresponding complaint. The composition of the menu is given as an indication and can be changed depending on the supply. Missing items are replaced by another item from the same family. The 'Grocery Box Delivery Service' can no longer be ordered after Wednesday at 11.59 pm of the week prior to departure for some ski resorts and Thursday at 11.59 pm for the other ski resorts (see detailed information on the website). Complaints regarding this service must be submitted within 24 hours of delivery.


Article 9: Transport

When booking a package tour including transport, the Customer is subject to these GTC (General Terms and Conditions), while carriage is subject to the carrier's conditions of carriage. The Customer is obligated to comply with the carrier's conditions of carriage that are in effect at the time of booking and are available online on the carrier's website.

There are luggage restrictions in place, which are indicated on the ticket. The ticket is only valid for the person whose name is stated on it.

TRAVELSKI cannot be held responsible if the Customer fails to check-in at the departure point of their holiday. This includes instances where the Customer is delayed, experiences a delay in pre-trip arrangements that are not part of the Services, or fails to present the necessary identification and/or proof of compliance with health requirements for their journey.

Customers are advised to review their ticket for the recommended arrival time and ensure they allocate sufficient time to pass through security and passport control.


Article 10: Travelski Express

Travel documents and border control requirements:

A passport is mandatory for travel, unless you live in the UK and have a settlement scheme. Customers must have a valid passport and any required visa according to their nationality for border control requirements. UK passport holders traveling to France must have a minimum of 6 months validity remaining on their passport. EU nationals must use a passport to travel to the UK; ID cards will not be accepted unless the customer has pre-settled status in the UK.

Starting from January 1, 2021, the following passport requirements apply for British passport holders:

  • The passport must be valid for the entire duration of the stay in Europe.
  • The passport must have at least three months of validity remaining.
  • The passport must be less than 10 years old.

Visas are not required for stays of up to three months in France. However, depending on the outcome of Brexit negotiations, visas may be required for longer stays.

Travelski Express provides specific details that customers should check before travel, including:

  • Train tickets: Customers must have their printed tickets ready for travel, not just the email confirmation.
  • Luggage policy
  • Children and Unaccompanied Minors: Children under 4 can travel for free on an adult's lap without a seat or luggage allowance. Children over 4 require their own ticket. Unaccompanied Minors are not allowed to travel alone.
  • Wheelchair users and personal assistance: Passengers in wheelchairs must inform Travelski at least 48 hours before departure to request special assistance.
  • Food and catering onboard
  • Medicines and infant milk: Medicines and infant milk/baby bottles are permitted and do not need to be in sealed containers.
  • Alcohol policy
  • No-smoking policy: Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes and vaping devices, is prohibited onboard Eurostar trains.
  • Arrival time at the station: Passengers should arrive 2 hours before departure to allow for additional checks related to travel and COVID-19 documents.

Customers are responsible for complying with applicable rules and laws regarding the declaration of cash and goods when traveling between the UK and the EU. French customs officers may conduct routine checks upon arrival.

In response to COVID-19, customers must comply with all travel documentation and testing requirements set by the UK and French governments. Mandatory COVID-19 documents must be completed before arrival at the station, and Eurostar is required to check for these documents. Face masks must be worn throughout the journey, including within stations and trains, even for fully vaccinated individuals.

Additional information regarding COVID-19 policies and travel rules, as well as the potential requirement of a "health pass" or "Pass Sanitaire" in France, can be found on the Eurostar COVID Hub.


Article 11: Transfer of the Travel Agreement

The Customer may, as long as it has not yet entered into force, transfer the travel agreement to a person who meets the same conditions as he does for making it within seven (7) days before departure the journey. The transferring Customer must inform TRAVELSKI no later than seven (7) days before departure of the transfer by any means by which he can receive a confirmation of receipt. The transferring Customer and the transferee are jointly and severally liable for the payment of the amount of the Order for the trip as well as all expenses, costs and levies in connection with this transfer. As the transfer costs may change depending on the transfer date before departure, the Customer will be notified of the final amount when he makes his request to TRAVELSKI.


Article 12: Cancellation Insurance

12.1 Registration conditions:

TRAVELSKI offers various insurance options to its clients, including:

  • Cancellation insurance (policy no. 4228): This insurance covers the cancellation of a stay that occurs before departure, according to the terms and conditions outlined in the available contract. More details can be found at: [link to cancellation insurance terms and conditions].
  • Repatriation insurance (policy no. 4225): This insurance provides coverage for on-slope assistance, general assistance, repatriation, and interruption of the stay as per the terms and conditions stated in the available contract. More information can be found at: [link to repatriation insurance terms and conditions].
  • Cancellation and interruption insurance due to "lack or abundance of snow" (policy no. 4227): This insurance covers cancellations or interruptions caused by insufficient or excessive snow conditions at the time of departure. The terms and conditions can be found at: [link to cancellation and interruption insurance terms and conditions].
  • Theft and damage to equipment insurance (policy no. 4230): This insurance covers the damage or theft of rented ski equipment, subject to the terms and conditions specified in the available contract.

It is important to note that cancellation insurance can be purchased within 48 hours of making the reservation. Once the insurance has been purchased, it cannot be changed or cancelled. The insurance premium is non-refundable.

12.2 Lack of cancellation right:

The right of cancellation only applies to cancellation insurance contracts with a duration of more than one (1) month. Therefore, this right does not apply to short-term stays and package holidays that do not exceed one (1) month.


Article 13: Liability

TRAVELSKI and the organizer are liable for the proper execution of the Services ordered by the Customer and must offer assistance to all Customers in difficulty in accordance with the conditions stated in Article 12 of the GTC. TRAVELSKI is liable for errors due to technical defects in the reservation system that can be attributed to it. TRAVELSKI can, however, be exempted from all or part of the liability by demonstrating that non-execution or poor execution of the agreement can be attributed either to the Customer or, unforeseen and insurmountable, to a third party in delivering the Services described in the agreement, or in the event of force majeure. The liability of TRAVELSKI is in all cases, and excluding personal injury and intentional damage, limited to an amount corresponding to three (3) times the price of the Services that have been ordered and are eligible for compensation.


Article 14: Assistance

In accordance with the provisions of the Package Travel Regulations 2018, TRAVELSKI and the organizer are obligated to provide assistance to the Client in case of difficulties. To fulfill this obligation, the traveler must inform the organizer and/or TRAVELSKI. The assistance provided by TRAVELSKI and the organizer may include:

  • Providing relevant information regarding health services, local authorities, and consular assistance.
  • Assisting the Customer in making long-distance communications and finding alternative travel arrangements.

It is important to note that TRAVELSKI and/or the organizer have the right to charge a reasonable fee corresponding to the actual costs incurred for providing such assistance if the difficulties were intentionally caused by the Customer or resulted from their negligence.


Article 15: Proof, Storage, Archiving

By using the Website, the Customer accepts the use of the electronic medium as the way in which the agreement is concluded. The electronic agreement is sent by e-mail to the Customer and stored in the files of TRAVELFACTORY which it stores in its entirety. In accordance with article L.213-1 of the French Consumer Code, for every order placed online on the Website, TRAVELFACTORY saves a copy of the Customer's Order for an amount of £120 or more for ten (10) years from the date of delivery of the Order and guarantee that the Client has access to it during this period. The data stored in the information system of TRAVELFACTORY and / or its partners counts as proof of completed Orders. Data stored by TRAVELFACTORY on an information carrier or electronic medium is evidence and can be entered as such by TRAVELFACTORY in any proceedings. They are permissible, valid and can be invoked between parties in the same way, under the same conditions and with the same evidential value as any other document that is drawn up, received or stored in writing.


Article 16: Personal Information

TRAVELFACTORY, as data controller, collects and processes personal data concerning the Customer, under the conditions described in the sub-section “Personal data” accessible via the "FAQ" section of the Website or by clicking on the following link: . The Customer is informed that their Order is processed by name in the computer. The Customer is also informed of the compulsory or optional nature of the data to be provided by the presence of an asterisk (*) on each of the forms collecting personal data. If the Customer does not provide information identified as compulsory, TRAVELSKI may not be able to process and respond to the Customer's request for a quote or Order. The personal data collected allow TRAVELSKI: • within the framework of the performance of the contract or in order to take steps at the request of the Customer prior to entering into a contract, to manage and follow up the Order, including its payment; • in case of express consent of the Customer (by ticking the box provided for this purpose under the forms of collection of personal data or to send them information on its Services and promotional offers. The personal data collected also allow the partners of TRAVELSKI and TRAVELFACTORY, in case of express consent of the Customer, to send him information and offers on their products and services. The data collected are intended for TRAVELSKI, its service providers in charge of the execution of the Order or of pre-contractual measures and any other possible subcontractor if necessary, as well as its partners if the Customer has expressly agreed to receive their offers. The data collected to manage the Order will be retained: (i) for five (5) years from the time they are collected if the amount of the Order is less than £120, (ii) for ten (10) year if the amount of the Order equals or exceeds £120, with the exception of bank card details which are retained for fifteen (15) months after the transaction in order to serve as evidence in the event of a dispute about the transaction. The security code is not saved after the transaction. Data collected for marketing purposes are retained for three (3) years from the time it is collected (renewable if the Customer expressly agrees to continue receiving commercial offers from TRAVELFACTORY and/or its partners). After the expiry of these periods, the data will be deleted.

The Client has the right to : • access, rectify or delete his/her personal data; • restrict the processing of his/her personal data or to object to this processing; • his/her data portability ; • regarding the sending of commercial offers or processing of optional data, to withdraw consent to such data processing at any time. These rights can be exercised by email ( or by postal letter to DPO - Protection of personal data Travelski 71-79 Sheldon Street, London.

You can also contact us if you have a complaint about how we collect, store or use your personal data. We aim to resolve complaints but if you are dissatisfied with our response, you may complain to the Information Commissioner's Office.

Please submit your request or complaint in writing to the Data Protection Officer:  By post: Travelski UK Limited 71- 79 Shelden Street, London  By email:


Article 17: Persons with Limited Mobility

In general, the holidays offered on the Website are not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Anyone who is less mobile must inform TRAVELSKI of their situation when making the reservation or by reporting this to the employee by telephone. Only after TRAVELSKI has checked whether the trip is tailored to the needs of the Client can the reservation be made definitive.


Article 18: Administrative and Health Formalities

British, French, and foreign nationals shall enquire about the required formalities applicable to them (e.g., passport and visa requirements, health formalities) from the competent authorities of the destination country prior to placing their Order.

To travel in France, UK citizens need to hold a valid passport with at least six (6) months' validity and not older than ten (10) years for visits under ninety (90) days and shall meet any other entry requirements imposed by the relevant authorities from time to time.

Nationals of a Member state of the European Union, of a state party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, and Swiss nationals need to hold a passport or national identity card valid throughout their holiday to travel in France.

It is specified that the time required to issue a visa and the decision as to whether or not to issue a visa are the responsibility of the authorities of the destination country, which have sole competence in this matter. In this respect, TRAVELSKI informs the Customers that the approximate duration for obtaining visas in France is fifteen (15) business days on average from the receipt of all the required documents by the embassy or consulate in charge.

General information is available on the following websites: and

For nationals of the UK, Customers are advised to visit the following websites: (or any other address communicated by the UK Government) for the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information, and for ABTA guidance for travel customers.

The French authorities may impose some health requirements for entry into France. TRAVELSKI recommends the Customer to check any update that may be published before the start of his holiday by visiting the website of the French Office of Foreign Affairs (available in several languages): and

The Customer is advised to seek advice on recommended vaccinations and precautions from a health professional - either a GP, a practice nurse, a pharmacist, or a travel health clinic - ideally at least eight weeks before departure. Further travel health advice can be found on and, and information on how to get medical treatment abroad, and how to get reduced-cost and sometimes free medical treatment in Europe, can be found in the NHS leaflet Health Advice for Travellers.

The Customer is responsible for completing these formalities and for the resulting costs.

TRAVELSKI shall not be held responsible for: • sanctions and/or fines imposed as a result of non-compliance with sanitary, administrative, customary, and/or customs regulations, as well as the consequences that may result from this, • inability for the Customer to travel due to their lack of valid identification and/or sanitary documents necessary for their journey. The Customer shall not be entitled to a refund by TRAVELFACTORY in such cases.


Article 19: Non-conformity, Complaints and Dispute Settlement

The Customer must inform TRAVELSKI or the service provider as soon as possible of a non-conformity that has been established during the performance of one of the Services included in the Order. TRAVELSKI or, where appropriate, the on-site service provider remedies the non-conformity unless this is impossible or entails disproportionate costs. In the latter case, the Customer may request a price reduction, and in the case of clearly observable damage, compensation. Any complaint regarding the reservation of the Services or the performance thereof can be directed to the After Sales Service, 71-79 Sheldon Street, London, or via email at, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within sixty (60) days from the performance of the Services. The complaint must be accompanied by all supporting documents (voucher, quotation, confirmation of the Order) that have been handed over to the Client in the context of their Order and prove the merits of the complaint (medical certificate, photo, official report). Failure to provide these documents will result in the complaint not being processed. Claims filed more than two (2) years after the end of the trip will not be processed, except in the case of personal injury.

As a member of ABTA, TRAVELSKI is obliged to maintain a high standard of service to the Customer in accordance with ABTA's code of conduct. TRAVELSKI also offers the Customer ABTA's scheme for the resolution of disputes, which is approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. If TRAVELSKI cannot resolve the Customer's complaint, the Customer can access ABTA's simple procedure through Further information on the Code and ABTA's assistance in resolving disputes can be found on


Article 20: Applicable Law

Your booking is governed by English Law, and the jurisdiction of the English Courts. You may however choose the law and jurisdiction of Scotland or Northern Ireland if you live there and wish to do so.


Article 21: Standard Information Form

Standard information form for package travel agreements The combination of travel services offered to you is a package tour within the meaning of the Package Travel regulations and Linked arrangements 2018. Consequently, you can claim all EU rights that apply to package travel. TRAVELSKI is fully responsible for the proper execution of the package as a whole. TRAVELSKI also has the legally required protection to pay you back if the company becomes insolvent (see below).  


Article 22: Protecting Your Money

We provide full financial protection for our package holidays by way of a bond held by ABTA – The Travel Association, 30 Park Street, London, SE1 9EQ, You agree to accept that in the event of our insolvency ABTA may arrange for the services you have bought to continue, or for a suitable alternative to be provided at the same cost as your original booking. You also agree to accept that in circumstances where the travel service supplier provides the services you have bought, you agree to pay any outstanding sum under your contract with us to that alternative travel service provider. However, you also agree that in some cases the services will not be provided, in which case you will be entitled to make a claim under ABTA’s Scheme of Protection (or your payment card issuer where applicable) for a refund of the monies you have paid.


Article 23: Best price guaranteed

The Customer may benefit from the "best price guaranteed" system if the following conditions are met:

1. They have ordered a package of Services from Travelfactory including at least one night's accommodation and a lift pass, or they have booked accommodation with Travelfactory without any other Services;

2. The Client has paid the Deposit; Within 48 hours of the payment of the Deposit and more than 35 days before the start of the Services or the rental, the client notices that a third party or Travelfactory is offering, in the same currency (The pound sterling, or GBP), a set of Services for sale, or is offering accommodation for rental, that is identical in all respects (same start and end dates, same accommodation, same number and type of guests, same living space, etc.) at a price that is lower than the price of the Services that he/she has ordered or the accommodation that he/she has booked (excluding insurance and service charges) at a price lower than the price of the Services ordered or the accommodation booked (excluding insurance and service charges);

3. The price proposed for the second offer is not the result of the application of a promotional offer (including the use of a promotional code provided as a result of subscribing to a newsletter, for example), a price negotiated with a company, a price reserved for a particular category of customers (members of an association or administration, beneficiaries of works council services, members of a loyalty programme, members of a private sales or group sales site, etc.), a price reduction linked to the use of a means of payment or a payment facility, a group price, a price obtained as part of an auction or group sale, etc.), a price reduction linked to the use of a means of payment or a payment facility, a group rate, a rate obtained as part of an auction or any similar process (such as a "flash sale").

If these conditions are met, Travelfactory will pay the Client a sum equal to three times the difference between the price of the second offer and the price of the Services that the Client ordered from Travelfactory, or between the price of the second offer and the price of the accommodation that the Client booked with Travelfactory.

To do so, the Client must communicate to Travelfactory, within 7 days following the discovery of the second offer and more than 35 days before the start of the Services or rental, by email sent to, the price of the second offer and any information allowing to establish that the services proposed in this offer are in all respects identical to those ordered by the Client from Travelfactory (quote, other commercial document, etc.). The Client's message must indicate the number of the order placed with Travelfactory.