What does the insurance cover? 

Damage and breakage fully covered 
Petty theft or burglary

True / false: what does my credit card insurance cover? 

Travelski insurance offers personalised support and provides assistance in administrative formalities.
As the n°1 online ski agency, we offer custom insurance adapted to your trip. A dedicated customer service representative will offer personalised support and assistance for refund requests. 
My standard credit card insurance provides cover in case of theft or damage to equipment.
If your equipment is stolen or damaged during your trip, your standard credit card insurance will not provide cover. Travelski insurance issues refunds and ensures peace of mind.
I am a Gold or Premier cardholder, so my insurance covers me in case of theft or damage to equipment.
If you have Gold or Premier cardholder's insurance, you will be refunded in certain cases. In case of damage or petty theft, your credit card does not provide cover. Travelski insurance covers damage to hired equipment, as well as theft, robbery or burglary.
I probably won't break or damage my hired ski equipment.
It's very common to break or seriously damage equipment during winter sports, rendering it useless. You can damage equipment through collision, a fall, or just going over a rock.
I have a locker to store ski equipment in my residence, and the building is secure.
Ski lockers are not monitored, and a large number of thefts take place in resorts or on the slopes during a lunch break, for example. We  therefore highly recommend taking out this type of insurance. 
Reimbursing damaged or stolen equipment is expensive.
If you break or damage your equipment, you will need to reimburse the shop. This is often based on the value of new equipment, and will cost you about £200.
Travelski insurance costs just £2 a day.
Travelski offers one of the lowest insurances on the market: just £12 per week (i.e. £2 per day) to provide cover in case of unforeseen circumstances, which would normally cost you 20 times more.
*See conditions specified on contract 4230.