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By TravelFactory , 20/10/2022
A mom and dad posing with their daughter on the ski slopes of the French Alps

Our Guide to Ski Travel includes an insurance section to make sure your holiday goes off without a hitch. Skiing, like any winter sport, is prone is risk. Skiers are susceptible to injury, and ski holidays can be threatened by other risks: lack of snowfall, for example.

But, not to worry! There are plenty of insurance options out there to cover unforeseen circumstances on the slopes. Our Snow Guarantee and Zen Cancellation Insurance are just two examples. Insuring your ski holiday will give you the freedom to focus on what really matters.

Why should I opt for insurance? 

Your day-to-day life is already largely protected by insurance: car insurance, health insurance, etc. So, why not cover your trip as well? Zen Cancellation Insurance allows you to hit the slopes with peace of mind, knowing that you’re covered no matter what.  

Here’s a quick breakdown of what to plan for:  

Environmental factors

Something as insignificant as stones, icy slopes, or insufficient snow cover can cause serious damage to your ski equipment. In recent years, snow fall has been less than ideal, prompting the creation of the Snow Guarantee, which compensates you in case there’s not enough of the white stuff upon arrival.   

The human factor

Theft is, unfortunately, rather common and can occur at any time during your holiday. Around 90% of ski equipment rentals do not include insurance, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Risk of injury

An accident on the slopes requiring emergency services to intervene (and, in some cases, a trip to hospital) can come with a heavy price tag. Insurance covers the cost of any medical fees incurred. 


What insurance should I choose? 

A skier who's fallen laughing and lying in the snow

Skiing trips have a lot of moving parts. So, choosing the right insurance may seem overwhelming. Not to worry. We’ll walk you through the five major types of insurance below. 

1. Repatriation and Interruption of Holiday Insurance 

This insurance covers medical expenses from accidents in the following areas: 

  • On the slopes  

  • In off-trail areas 

  • Off-piste

Repatriation costs are also included. 


2. Accidental Damage and Breakage 

This insurance covers wear and tear, damage, or breakage of your equipment. What exactly counts as breakage? Your equipment could crack or shatter. But often than not, it simply wears out from constant use on the slopes.  

It is your responsibility to inform the rental company that your equipment is damaged or broken and pay the fee. You will then be reimbursed by your insurance within 5 working days. 

This insurance covers damage of up to 600 euro. 


3. Theft 

This insurance covers theft. It’s best to be vigilant because theft can occur at any time during your trip. Your skis could be stolen from your locker, from the resort dining area, or from outside of a shop while you’re making a purchase. An absent-minded skier may even walk away with your skis by accident.  

It is your responsibility to inform the rental company that your equipment has been stolen and pay the fee. You will then be reimbursed by your insurance within 5 working days. 

Don’t forget to fill out a police report. You’ll need it in order to be reimbursed.  


4. Snow Guarantee Insurance 

This insurance covers holidaymakers in case of insufficient (or excess) snowfall that would limit (or prevent) the exercise of winter sports, such as skiing on piste. This insurance can be taken out on holidays, rentals, and/or ski packages. 


To qualify for the Snow Guarantee, your holiday must meet the following conditions: 

  • Your resort is located at 1200m above sea level (minimum) 

  • Your holiday is at least 7 nights 

  • Option 1: A lack of snow: More than 2/3 of ski lifts must be closed for at least two days in a row (in the five days leading up to your departure) or all cross-country slopes must be closed 

  • Option 2: Excess snow: 70-100% of the ski area must be closed due to excess snow, making skiing, snowboarding and doing winter sports inviable 

We know that the weather can be unpredictable. For maximum flexibility, the Snow Guarantee allows you to cancel up to 48 hours before departure (if the above conditions are met). 


5. Cancellation Insurance 

This insurance allows you maximum flexibility in case of an accident, a personal emergency, a professional issue, or an illness. It can also be used if you were victim of a burglary that would prevent your holiday from running smoothly.  

Please note that this insurance only covers accidents that occur in a specific time frame before your departure. Further details can be found in your contract.  

For more details, check out this document.  


My credit card comes with travel insurance. Do I really need more? 

The short answer is yes. Standard credit card insurance does not… 

  • Refund your trip if you need to cancel for any reason 

  • Cover travel companions outside of your immediate family in medical emergencies 

Gold or Premier Cards may reimburse you in the event of a cancellation, but this can take up to 50 days upon receipt of your file. Travelski refunds you in 48 hours. 


What insurance can I book with Travelski? 

If you’re ready to go on holiday knowing that you’ll be taken care of, opt for our in-house Zen Cancellation Insurance. Don’t let changeable weather or unforeseen circumstances discourage you from booking the ski holiday of your dreams!  

Parents with a young child on the slopes with a ski resort in the background

Zen Cancellation Insurance 

Coverage starts at just £21 per person and covers a variety of circumstances, including… 

  • Cancellation (up to 45 days before departure) 

  • Lack of snow / Excess snow (up to 48 hours before departure) 

  • Medical expenses 

  • Accidental Damage and Theft