The key points of our Zen cancellation insurance

Covers cases excluded by your card provider
Cancellation is possible up to the day of departure
Cash refund for all “validated” reasons
Voucher valid for 12 months provided for “non-validated” reasons

What the insurance covers?

  • Without validated reason - Voucher valid for 12 months
  • No longer wish to travel
  • If bad weather is expected during your holiday
  • Cash refund for all “validated” reasons
  • Voucher valid for 12 months provided for “non-validated” reasons
  • With validated reason – full refund within 72 hours
  • Illness, death or accident (of a close family member)
  • Vehicle breakdown or theft/damage at home or work.
  • If you receive a summons eg: Jury service, called as a witness, child adoption, examination resit
  • In case of Covid-19 (positive test or you come in to contact with a case) refund subject to an excess deduction of 10% of the value of the holiday.

True / false: what does my credit card cover?

As the n°1 online ski agency, our insurance is tailor-made and adapted to your trip. A dedicated customer service representative will offer personalised support and assistance for refund requests. 

Standard credit card insurance will not refund your trip in case of cancellation, no matter what the reason.

If you need to cancel your trip for health, personal or professional reasons, you will be refunded by your Gold or Premier credit card insurance. However, you must make a claim within 48 hours, and the refund will be issued within 50 days of receipt of your file. Travelski insurance ensures quicker and easier refunds (declaration within 10 days), and you will be refunded within 48 hours of receipt of your file.

NO! Remember, credit card insurance is limited. It only covers: immediate family members, the cardholder, dependents under 25 years of age, the partner/spouse and parents if they live under the same roof. No refunds will be issued for any other person. >> Travelski insurance covers other cases too: friends, cousins, acquaintances... in fact any person whose name features in the reservation.

You will not be covered as the payment of your trip has not been made by credit card.

Your credit card insurance will not cover this reason for cancellation if you have been working at your company for less than a year. 

Only Travelski insurance covers you if you have to start a new job on one of the dates during your trip, provided that it is not a contract renewal or extension, or if it is a temporary position. 
*See conditions specified in contract 7357&7358