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Les Saisies Ski holidays

Choose Les Saisies for its awe-inspiring terrains and high-quality stay.

Nested in the heart of Val d'Arly, Les Saisies is a jewel among ski resorts. As a key part of the Espace Diamant linked domains, it boasts a lavish share of the 185 km of slopes that connect it to the village stations of Crest Voland-Cohennoz, Notre Dame de Bellecombe, and Praz sur Arly. You can relish quality family time in this domain among snowy firs against the pilgrim backdrop of the Mont Blanc! With its impressive collection of 151 slopes, you'll find runs for every skill level, and beyond the slopes, the village is brimming with Alpine charm and vibrant energy.

Discover an exceptional selection of accommodations in Les Saisies ski resort.

    Experience the Ultimate Comfort at Les Saisies Resort Accommodations

    When it comes to accommodations, Les Saisies has a diverse selection with something for everyone. From traditional chalets to cozy apartments, upscale hotels, and residential properties, you're spoiled for choice.

    A Quintessential Alpine Experience in Luxurious Chalets

    Opt for the rustic charm of the chalets, each designed to immerse you in the Alpine experience. These traditional wooden houses offer a warm and inviting atmosphere, relaxing saunas, and breathtaking mountain views. They are perfect for families and larger groups, providing plenty of space and all the conveniences of a modern home.

    Hotel Accommodations for a Stress-free Stay

    For those who want to indulge in luxury and comfort, the range of hotels in Les Saisies is nothing short of impressive. From budget to high-end, these establishments offer excellent service, quality dining, and most importantly, direct access to the ski slopes. Families, couples, or solo travelers can find a perfect match for their preferences and budget.

    Flexible Apartment Lodging and Residencies

    Apartments and residences in Les Saisies offer great flexibility. Ideal for couples or small groups, these accommodations combine comfort and convenience with prime locations near the ski slopes. Most residences also come with shared amenities such as swimming pools, spas, and gyms, adding to your holiday’s comfort and enjoyment.

    To conclude, no matter your lodging preference, Les Saisies promises an unforgettable stay coupled with equally impressive ski experience. Begin your adventure today!

    Why Choose Les Saisies?

    Imagine waking up to the sight of majestic mountains, with crisp, clean air filling your lungs. This dream-like vision isn't far from reality at Les Saisies. Located in the heart of the beautiful Alpine region, this French ski resort is perfect for families, couples, and solo skiers alike.

    Optimal ski conditions

    With 151 well-maintained and diverse slopes that cater to all skiing abilities, Les Saisies guarantees a wholesome skiing experience. The resort’s unique location results in a microclimate of abundant snowfall, which translates to perfect ski conditions throughout the season.


    Les Saisies is a family-oriented ski resort. The range of slopes caters to all skill levels, ensuring safe skiing for the whole family. The resort offers numerous off-slope activities for children, making it perfect for your family holiday.

    Reserve your Winter Wonderland Experience at Les Saisies

    Ready for your dream winter getaway? Look no further than Les Saisies. With an impressive array of accommodation options, comprehensive amenities, and undeniably stunning views, Les Saisies promises a holistic alpine experience that far exceeds mere skiing. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, family fun or a romantic retreat, Les Saisies caters to every travel mood and style.

    Time to Book

    Do not let this opportunity slip by. Guarantee your perfect winter vacation by reserving your accommodation in Les Saisies today! Start planning your ideal ski holiday now. The snowy peaks of Les Saisies are waiting!