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Flaine Forêt 1700 Ski holidays

Choose Flaine Forêt 1700 for an unforgettable skiing escapade of a lifetime.

Flaine Forêt 1700 is a spectacular ski resort nestled in the Grand Massif region of Northern Alps, France's illustrious skiing destination. Offering an extensive array of 141 ski slopes touching a maximum altitude of 2500 meters, the resort is perfectly suited for winter sports enthusiasts of all skill levels. The resort part of Flaine, known for its impressive balcony view of the valley, invites visitors to dive into a mixed variety of skiing in the breathtaking Combe de Gers. Not just limited to its local slopes, Flaine Forêt 1700 provides seamless connections to the ski tracks of Samoëns, Morillon and Flaine, summing up to 265 kilometers of skiing pleasure.

Discover an alluring range of accommodations in the heart of Flaine Forêt 1700.

    Welcome to Flaine Forêt 1700

    Set in the Northern Alps of France, the dreamy ski resort of Flaine Forêt 1700 is a jewel of Winter sports. Linked to the Grand Massif area, it offers an encouraging number of 141 slopes, peaking up to an altitude of 2500 meters.

    Exclusive Range of Accommodations

    Whether you're a couple looking for an intimate haven, a family seeking a spacious homey comfort, or a group of friends in search of shared leisure moments, Flaine Forêt 1700 offers an array of accommodations that will cater to your distinct needs. Its selection includes idyllic chalets, cozy hotels, luxury residences, and well-furnished apartments.

    Attractive Benefits

    • When you pick Flaine Forêt 1700 as your holiday destination, you get access to the entire Grand Massif skiing area.
    • Personalize your holiday experience with a range of accommodation choices - from chalets that provide a touch of traditional Alpine charm, to modern apartments designed for convenience.
    • With numerous slopes accessible to various skill levels, Flaine Forêt 1700 promises an immersive snow experience to both novices and experienced skiers.

    Flaine Forêt 1700 for Fun-Filled Holidays

    When it comes to designing memorable holidays, Flaine Forêt 1700 leaves no stone unturned. Its well-laid skiing slopes cater to everyone from beginners to seasoned skiers. Whether it's the first time you are getting your boots into the skis or if you are a trainer looking for challenging terrains, Flaine Forêt 1700 has it all.

    The comfortable accommodations provide a homely base where you can rest and relax after an adventurous day on the slopes. Have your pick from chalets that offer exclusive tranquillity, residences with luxurious amenities, or apartments that promise utter convenience.

    Moreover, the beauty of the Northern Alps is always at an arm's length. Grab your favourite hot drink, sit back and soak in the natural splendour that surrounds you.

    Why Settle for Less? Choose Flaine Forêt 1700

    Choosing Flaine Forêt 1700 for your ski holiday means choosing an enriching and unforgettable experience. The resort is committed to providing an overall balanced ski holiday with a perfect combination of entertainment, relaxation, and sport. Being a part of the Grand Massif region, it ensures a unique skiing experience for its guests.

    Book Your Freedom

    Want to feel the cold Alpine breeze as you glide down the slopes of Flaine Forêt 1700? Ready to slip into the comfort of your chosen accommodation and bask in the glory of the Alps? Then wait no more. Check out our offers, pick one that suits you most, make a reservation, and prepare yourself for a ski holiday you will cherish for a lifetime!