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Saint François Longchamp Ski holidays

Experience the unique charm and facilities of Saint François Longchamp!

Saint François Longchamp, located in the Northern Alps of France, is an exceptional ski resort that offers a breathtaking view of the Maurienne. With 165 km of slopes, stretching over 1250 m of altitude difference, Saint François Longchamp, part of the Grand Domaine, provides a variety of activities for every level of skier. Not only does Saint François Longchamp have numerous installations for beginners, but it also offers exciting off-piste zones and fun sliding areas. Open from December to April, this resort ensures an unforgettable skiing holiday for everyone.

Discover a range of accommodations to choose from for your ideal skiing escape.

    Why Choose Saint François Longchamp For Your Ski Holiday?

    Whether you are ascending to the highest point of 2550 m or exploring the 103 different slopes, Saint François Longchamp holds a discovery at every turn. Always dreamed of off-piste or powder skiing? Here’s your chance. Moreover, innovative ski learning zones have been created to guarantee your progress in the most enjoyable conditions.

    Accommodation Choices at Saint François Longchamp

    No matter what your preferences are, you can find the perfect accommodation at Saint François Longchamp. From cozy chalets nestled in scenic locations to hotels equipped with all modern comforts, your winter fairy-tale comes alive here. The residences offer another excellent option for those who prefer an apartment-style living with the whole family. Each of these accommodations provides an intimate atmosphere, warm interiors and quick access to the slopes.

    • Chalets

      : These intimate retreats, often with fireplaces, offer matchless comfort and atmosphere for families and groups.
    • Hotels

      : Equipped with a plethora of services, including wellness centers, bars, and restaurants, they pamper you luxuriously throughout your stay.
    • Residences

      : These facilities come with all home comforts and added amenities such as spas, gyms and sometimes, even childcare services.
    • Apartments

      : Ideal for budget-conscious travelers who want to enjoy a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.

    Unleashing The Adventure Awaits in Saint François Longchamp

    Of course, a stay at Saint François Longchamp is not complete without experiencing the full breadth of wintry activities available. Take a break from skiing and try your hand at snowshoeing, paragliding, dog sledding, or ice climbing. After an adventurous day, unwind at any of the wellness facilities available in your accommodation.

    Not just that, the resort enthralls you with its family-friendly nature. Various play zones and ski schools push your little ones to take confident strides on the snow.


    Experience Saint François Longchamp, One of the Alps' best Kept Secrets

    In Saint François Longchamp, you don’t just get a ski holiday, you get an unforgettable experience. Large enough to offer a great mix of slopes yet small enough to retain a friendly village charm, this station strikes the perfect balance.

    With its wide offering of accommodations to all tastes and budgets, Saint François Longchamp delivers on its promise to ensure every guest feels special. Make your bookings now at Travelski to ensure your place in the sun - or rather, in the beautiful snow, of Saint François Longchamp!